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Leaderboards Are IN!!!

2010-01-16 23:03:40 by jezmillz

I am ashamed to say that for some odd, strange, peculiar reason I will not be able to add a bestiary nor achievements to this game. It's hard to explain, but whenever I try using a script that works in any other game besides Dot Avoider 4, it doesn't work. I just can't get it to work, so you will have tto wait until I (maybe) make a Dot Avoider 5.)

Subject: "Leaderboards Are IN!!!"

I have recently discovered that MochiAds does NOT in fact force you to use ads with their leaderboards!!! Do you all know what this means? LEADERBOARDS!

That's right, you will now be able to save your high scores directly to the internet, and compete with others to get the top score!

Also, I have decided that I will just use this one post and edit it to post future news until Dot Avoider 4 is complete, so just keep checking back for all the latest news and updates.

Subject: "Dot Avoider 4: Now A Work In Progress!"

Well, I have just started work, soon after I posted that. You can almost call that ironic, but it really isn't. anyways, work is coming along very nicely, I already have the menus up and running, and a fully functional custom preloader. (By custom, I mean that you are given hints about the game while waiting for it to load.)

On the main menu, there is currently a "Play" button, an "Options" button, an "Achievements" button, an "Extras" button, and a "More Dot Avoider" button. Multiplayer will still be in Dot Avoider 4, except this time you will have to press the "Play" button to get to it.

The thing that I like about Dot Avoider 4, is that you can save your game, and not only can you save your game but you can also earn achievements and unlock new game modes and such. This adds not only a lot of content, but also a lot of replayability as well.

Honestly, though, I don't know how I am going to be able to put any music in this thing without going over Newground's stupid size limit. I will find a way, however... I will find a way...

Heh... A neat little feature that I personally think is pretty cool is I made some dots roam around on the main menu. It makes the main menu seem much less bland, that's for sure.

Subject: "Upcoming Game: Dot Avoider 4!"

Well, I have been thinking about it, and I am going to make a Dot Avoider 4. Yea, thats right, after 3 whole games of dot avoiding goodness you can rest assured that there is going to be one more.

I have a really embarrassing confession to make... The only variable I used in Dot Avoider 3 was the play time and score variables. Well, I have been messing around with flash for a while now and I would have to say that I have gotten pretty good with variables, and will be able to add much more content into the game than last time.

Unlike Dot Avoider 3, Dot Avoider 4 will put much of its focus on the Challenge mode seen in Dot Avoider 3. There will be many more unique dots than last time, and I am even going to include a bestiary so once you meet a special dot you can go back and read more about it in the bestiary.

I also plan on implementing save games, and having many statistics and possibly even rewards just for playing.

Leaderboards are still a little, well... "Ify" at the moment. I would be happy to tell you that I am able to implement MochiAd's leaderboard into Dot Avoider 4, but the thing is, I can't do that without also installing ads into my game, which I do not want. I have searched high and low for another solution but I keep ending up with a site that refers me back to MochiAds, so I think it would be safe to say that leaderboards have a 10% chance of making it into Dot Avoider 4.

Another idea that I have been toying around with is a campaign mode. It was actually suggested to me by one of my friends, and a campaign mode where all you do is avoid dots sounded kinda humorous to me, so I am thinking of putting it in.

I am also planning on putting in some easter eggs. I can't tell you anymore, because the rest is classified.

The last known new feature that I can think of right now is an achievment system.

The shortest way that I can sum this up is:

iser the Duck-Moo says oink?

No, but really... This is going to be epic! (For an avoider game...)


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