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Dot Avoider 3: Accepted with a Great Score!

2009-07-29 23:08:43 by jezmillz

EDIT: Sorry, kinda sleepy. Tis was supposed to be a comment to the original topic but it became a whole new one. So, here is the old topic. Anyways, Dot Avoider 3 got accepted! Yay! It is constantly jumping from a 3.02 score to a 2.92 score. It kinda just goes to prove the fact that people really do only for either 5 or 0.

OLD: Dot Avoider 3 is almost finished. Most of you probably don't care, but I will go ahead and say it anyways. Dot Avoider 3 is going to be thousands of times better than number 2, with 4 different game modes, and an extra multiplayer feature. Now I know what your thinking, "Multiplayer mouse avoid game? What, do I need 2 mice?" No, multiplayer will have you or a friend take control of a dot and then attempt to chase the other player who is controlling the mouse. Sure, its probably not the greatest idea ever, but I imagine it would provide at least 2 minutes of fun. Now, the other game modes are Avoid, Endless, Timed, and Challenge. Avoid has you go through 20 levels, trying to survive until the time is up. Once you beat it, well, you don't get anything else but bragging rights. Endless is, well, endless. This is the game style that the previous Dot Avoider games have used. It isn't all that complex, but you do get to control the spawn limit of the dots. In this mode you can set the options so that there will be a max of 15 dots on the screen! That is insane! The next mode is Timed. In this mode you pick a time limit ranging from 1 minute to 10 minutes and then try to survive until the time runs out, where you will then be greeted by a win screen. Challenge mode has you up against... Unique dots. I'm not going to go into much detail here, because even though this isn't CF2, I want it to be a surprise for everyone. I want everyone to try and survive as long as they can so they can find out all of the unique dots themselves. Now if you have read this far, well, thanks. I'm glad you read a... who knows how many words this is post about my mouse avoiding game. Almost forgot, there will be 3 different songs in the game, but you will have to wait and find out which ones they are. (Or you could look at my "Favorite Audio".)

EDIT: Due to Flash Player limitations, I have had to cut a lot of stuff from the game. This includes the following: 1 song, Avoid Mode, Timed Mode. I wish I didn't have to, but I did. On the bright side, the game will get done much faster now that I don't have to make those 2 modes.


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